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Batik Class

You have the chance to create your own batik masterpiece at Jadi Batek Gallery

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About Us

Front Entrance of Jadi Batek Gallery Sdn Bhd

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Welcome to Jadi Batek Gallery
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Jadi Batek Gallery Sdn Bhd (855242-U) is one of the largest batik and handicrafts center in Kuala Lumpur. Its easily accessible location in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is enhanced by the warm hospitality of its staff. Visit the gallery for a holistic experience in Malaysian batik and handicrafts.

Our Purpose

Jadi Batek Gallery strongly believes in preserving our country’s unique heritage and identity of producing quality batik and handicrafts. Hence, you can be assured that the batik and handicrafts in our gallery are authentic and original, embodying the heart and soul of Malaysian culture and artistry.

Staying true to the hospitable characteristics of Malaysians, our gallery enjoys being a great host to foreign visitors to our country. The genuine warmth of our staff will put any visitor at ease so that they can fully immerse themselves into every visual and sensual aspect our gallery has to offer.

We take pride and satisfaction in making our visitors happy. With the variety of activities and exquisite gifts to choose from, a visit to our gallery promises to be fun and exciting.